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— по автору: Rosie Gosling

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Rosie: What are the difficulties of conducting a participant observation in a family? – A muslim student: It might be dangerous!
Rosie Gosling

Rosie: Why do you think sociology is difficult? – Student: Because you have to think.
Rosie Gosling

Aca... acad... aca-de-ma-ti-cians.
Rosie Gosling

How does he learn the role of boyfriend? – From Kamasutra. – That's very advanced.
Rosie Gosling

Sisters, how many of you think you are too thin? (Коносов единственный поднимает руку)
Rosie Gosling

Rosie: He was walking through the Earl's Court in London. There are a lot of gays there. – Student: I'm sorry, where is it situated?
Rosie Gosling

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