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— по предмету: History

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Herodotus is the father of history. so if you're gonna hate this course (which you will), you know who to blame!
Simon Skempton

Sooo, you're gonna do a presentation. how it goes... well, you stand in front of everybody, read your text, everyone laughs and throws tomatoes at you. then you sit down, that's all
Simon Skempton

Well, in fact there's only one essay that you should write. I just said there're two because I wanted you to choose philosophy
Simon Skempton

Did you just say "чего"? you're gonna be saying a lot of ЧЕГО during these lectures
Simon Skempton

Aaaand now I'm gonna pick a victim and he'll be humiliated
Simon Skempton

Those who missed my explanation MAY DIE.
Simon Skempton

S.S. - were you at the last lecture?
Student - my heart was there!
S.S. - but your ass wasn't!
Simon Skempton, Student

Todays lecture is going to be so exceptionally boring, that it's actually going to be interesting in it's dullness.
Simon Skempton

Simon: Rousseau said, that ancient man had only two desires: he wanted a meal and a woman.
Student: Just like a student - but students also want to sleep
Simon Skempton, Student

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